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How can I purchase?

Check out the demo. Every demo has a price button to add the product to the cart. You can pay with PayPal.

When will I receive the product?

Immediately after purchasing it with PayPal.

How often can I download the product?

Unlimited times within 6 months after purchase.

Can I still use the product after my subscription ends?

Yes. You can still use the product as it is if your subscription ends. You get free updates for a time of 6 months. You can renew to get the latest features.

How can I install YooTheme builder elements?

We made it easy for you to not struggle around with FTP. Just install the download with the Joomla Installer. In YooTheme Pro you need to select the child theme "Morejoomla" afterwards to enhance the system. If you want to use another folder, you can simply copy the contents there or copy them from your existing child theme to the new created one. It does not affect any settings.

Will you provide support?

Of course! Just contact us. We're here to assist you quickly. Use the contact form or live support on the bottom of the page.