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If you work with YOOtheme Pro a lot it gets a bit annoying to do all those clicks to finally get to the builder. With this free admin module you can access the builder by ONE click in the admin toolbar. If you want it even more lazy, activate the redirect on login option to directly start building beautiful webpages.


Can I rename the linktext?

Yes, just change the title in the module options. Be sure to search for the module in the "admin modules" section.

How does the redirect work?

If you activte the redirect on login option, the module checks your login time. If the time is below two seconds you will automatically get redirected to the builder. Activate this option in the module. Be sure to search for it in the "admin modules" section.

I can not find the settings?!

This product is a module for the administrator section of Joomla. Therefor you'll find the settings under Extensions -> Modules. Make sure to select "Administrator" from the section dropdown.



Version 2.3.16

  • fixed

    link for installations in subfolders

Version 2.3.15

  • release

    initial release