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This plugin makes it possible to build a nice looking form with the YOOtheme Pro builder. You can make use of many field options including multiple file uploads and even hide the whole form within a modal.

Protect the form with Joomla's standard captcha and place as many forms as you want on one subpage. Admin and visitor can receive a beautiful styled eMail. Furthermore you can redirect your visitor to a custom page including all the data or stay on the same page and post data silently.

If you'd like to import the data, the csv attachment will assist you easily.

This form builder manages everything!


  • Database:
    • option to store submissions in database (fields submitted as JSON string)
    • delete option after XX days
    • including a free component to manage and export submitted form data in Joomla! ( will be released later)
  • Form settings:
    • horizontal or stacked layout
    • up to three columns
    • default, primary or secondary card style
    • submit button styling
    • Joomla default reCaptcha
    • modal form option
    • custom redirect with get or post data
    • hidden post url submitting
  • Form items:
    • input types: text, select, textarea, radio and checkbox
    • GDPR option
    • date, email, multiple file attachments, numbers, phone, text, time and url inputs with required option
    • label, icon and width styling
    • pre-select values via url
    • hidden fields (e.g. user ip, Joomla user, Server URL)
    • masked phone numbers
  • eMail options:
    • copy to sender
    • cc and bcc recipient address
    • different mails for visitor and admin
    • eMail header, content and footer styling
    • use of variables in subject, header & footer
    • form data attachment as csv
    • form data vCard attachment

Demo 1

Write us

Demo 2

Use your own IDs to trigger the modal with whatever you want.


Sales department


Technical support


Job offers



Write Karen

Write Tom

Write Michael

Write Alice

Demo 3

Publish the form directly on the page in a horizontal layout and redirect to a custom "Thank You"-Page.
Horizontal Layout


This is a section text, which increases the readability of your form. You can place anything anywhere.

A description is also possible for every element.

Demo 4

Publish the form directly on the page in a stacked layout and up to three columns
2 columns

3 columns

Personal data

Your appointment

Your message

Demo 5

You can also collect various hidden data

Let us call you!

While only this field is being shown to the visitor

The following fields can be collected hidden


Which input types are possible?
  • text (date, email address, files, numbers, phone numbers, text, time and url)
  • textarea
  • select
  • radio
  • checkbox
  • GDPR (checkbox with GDPR text)
  • Hidden (value, date, user ip, user agent, Joomla userid, Joomla username, server ip, server host and server url)
  • Section (add anything you want with the editor)


Can I pre-fill data?

You can set default values and you are also able to fill in the fields with the url. Have a look at the grey button in Demo 1 which fills some fields by url. You can also fill hidden fields.

How can I use hidden values?

You can simply set hidden values which will not be emailed to the customer like date, user ip, user agent, Joomla userid, Joomla username, server ip, server host and server url. You can also define a custom hidden value or use values from the URL (GET variables).

To use GET variables simply add the hidden value $_GET['variable'].

Can I add content between the input elements?
Yes, you can use Input -> Section and add all the content you want with the default editor.
Who will receive the submitted form?

The form can be submitted to email addresses (TO, CC and BCC) including a CSV file containing all inputs. Also to the user as a copy (without attachment and hidden fields), as also as redirected to a new page as GET or POST data and optional as POST hidden in the background. This means you can process the data already in the background. Furthermore the data is stored in the Joomla database, too.

In what way will more Form generate the FROM address?
You can setup the FROM address in the email settings tab and check the checkbox "Use visitors address as FROM". The workflow will be: more Form catches the first email address in the form as FROM address. If no email address is found or provided in your form the "Sender (FROM) eMail" field of the email settings tab will be used. If you left this field empty the FROM setting of Joomla's global configuration is being used.
Can I put the form into a modal?

Yes, you can. The options are already built in, so that you can use nice contact buttons instead of the forms e.g. in a team gallery like in Demo 2.

Can the form use a captcha?

Yes. more Form uses the standard Joomla captcha like Google ReCaptcha.

Is the form GDPR save?

You can use the Input -> GDPR option which already shows a common text used for GDPR option.

Does more Form support file uploads?

Yes, single and multiple.

Can I style the sent mails?

You can style admin and visitor mails independetly. You can also make use of a nice header and footer option. The input fields will be submitted as a nice table. You can also make use of the data to greet the user with the input name.

What is the component about?

We added a free component to easily search between dates and in the submitted form date as also export data as CSV. You can download it free from the downloads section after you bought the builder element.

I get the error "Client does not have permissions to send as this sender. SMTP code 550)" or "MAIL FROM command failed"

Please disable the option "Use visitor address as FROM" in the eMail tab, because your mailserver does not allow to change the FROM value to the visitors mail address. more Form uses this as sender address for you to quickly respond in your mail client.

If the error continues also empty the "Sender (FROM) email" input field. more Form will then use the settings from Joomla's global configuration.

If you still get this error, then you have to check Joomla's global configuration, too. The fields "From Email" and "SMTP username" need to be set the same also while using providers like Hotmail/

I do not receive any mails

If you don't receive any mails your (mail)server configuration does not support all options that you activated in more Form.

For example: Some servers do not allow sending attachments while using PHPmail or sendmail. Always try to use SMTP as default mailer in Joomla, which is the best and most secure option. Some mailservers won't accept mails sent by PHPmail or will mark them easier as spam.

Also some mailservers don't accept sending in the name of a foreign domain. more Modal uses the visitors mail address as sender address by default. Disable the option in the eMail settings tab and try again.

As these problems are very rare, we are here to assist you. Just contact us if you face any issues.

The form is not showing up in the modal?!

Please check the section the form is placed in and deactivate the animation. The animation will not be triggered on the modal so that one will stay hidden. You can just put the form into a new section. If you want to open the modal with your own button just add it as HTML with <button uk-toggle="target: #ownid" type="button">

How can I mask a phone number?

The mask feature allows you to get a specific phone number syntax without the user having to hassle around with whitespace and hyphens. You can use these definitions:

  • 0 - any digit
  • a - any letter
  • * - any character
  • [] - optional group
  • {} - fixed group

Everything else is a fixed character. If you need a fixed character that is like the definition (e.g. the number 0) you can escape it with \\ (e.g. \\0).


German phone numbers of +49 (0) 12345 / 6789-0:
+{49} (\\0) 00000 / 0000-0

Ukraine phone numbers of +38 (099) 999-99-99:
+{38} (\\000) 000-00-00

How do I activate the vCard attachment?
Just set "attach vCard" in email tab to "yes" and also add the vCard type to each field that is vCard relevant in the field settings.


Version 2.3.28

  • added

    additional attachments for the copy to sender email (e.g. terms or manuals)

  • added

    more allowed data file types (.docx, .xlsx, .pptx, .rtf)

  • fixed

    Copy to sender option disappearing after form submission

Version 2.3.27

  • added

    vCard with customer data in admin mails

Version 2.3.26

  • added

    left, middle and right column positions

Version 2.3.25

  • fixed

    Captcha error on Joomla 4

Version 2.3.24

  • added
    more effective honeypot
  • fixed
    "use visitor's address as FROM" always true

Version 2.3.23

  • added
    placeholder text for all fields
  • added
    mask feature for phone numbers

Version 2.3.22

  • added
    always try to add replyTo with email address from form

Version 2.3.21

  • added
    check if Joomla default captcha is set (proceed sending if not)
  • added
    output error message if sending fails
  • added
    show error message in notification if enabled
  • added
    option to disable the using of visitors mail address as sender (if mailserver disallows this)

Version 2.3.20

  • added
    option to show the form or its modal button again after submission (modal button was hidden after submit)

Version 2.3.19

  • added
    require only one option if checkboxes are required
  • added
    option to hide form data in copy to sender

Version 2.3.18

  • added
    more hidden fields: Referer, Joomla name, Joomla groups, Joomla email, Joomla register date
  • added
    option to show hidden fields readonly on form
  • added
    logged in Joomla user's mail address can now be used in email address field

Version 2.3.17

  • added
    option to enable/disable storing submissions in database
  • added
    delete submissions in database after XX days option
  • added
    different text for notification and/or disable confirmation text

Version 2.3.16

  • fixed
    copy to sender could be send even if unchecked
  • added
    option to use a GET variable as hidden value
  • changed
    database table name to work with new component
  • added

    reordered email and settings tabs

Version 2.3.15

  • fixed
  • added

    use of values in the confirmation text (e.g. Thank you %Name%)

  • added

    confirmation text now supports multiline

  • added

    reordered email and settings tabs

Version 2.3.14

  • added

    hidden fields (value, date, user ip, user agent, Joomla userid, Joomla username, server ip, server host and server url)

  • added

    use of values in the confirmation text (e.g. Thank you %Name%)

  • added

    confirmation text now supports multiline

  • added

    reordered email and settings tabs

Version 2.3.13

  • removed

    previously workaround for GZIP which is not needed anymore

Version 2.3.12

  • added

    wrapped up in an easy installable and updatable plugin