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This plugin makes it possible to build a nice looking form with the YooTheme Pro builder. You can make use of many field options including multiple file uploads and even hide the whole form within a modal. Protect the form with Joomla's standard captcha and place as many forms as you want on one subpage. Admin and visitor can receive a beautiful styled eMail. Furthermore you can redirect your visitor to a custom page including all the data or stay on the same page and post data silently. If you want to import the data, the csv attachment will assist you easily. This form builder manages everything!


  • Form settings:
    • horizontal or stacked layout
    • default, primary or secondary card style
    • submit button styling
    • Joomla default reCaptcha
    • modal form option
    • custom redirect with get or post data
    • hidden post url submitting
    • store form values in database
  • Form items:
    • input types: text, select, textarea, radio and checkbox
    • GDPR option
    • date, email, multiple file attachments, numbers, phone, text, time and url inputs with required option
    • label, icon and width styling
    • pre-select values via url
  • eMail options:
    • copy to sender
    • cc and bcc recipient address
    • different mails for visitor and admin
    • eMail header and footer styling
    • use of variables in subject, header & footer
    • form data attachment as csv

Demo 1

Write us

Demo 2

Use your own IDs to trigger the modal with whatever you want.


Sales department


Technical support


Job offers



Write Karen

Write Tom

Write Michael

Write Alice

Demo 3

Publish the form directly on the page in a horizontal layout and redirect to a custom "Thank You"-Page.
Horizontal Layout


This is a section text, which increases the readability of your form. You can place anything anywhere.

A description is also possible for every element.

Demo 4

Publish the form directly on the page in a stacked layout
stacked layout
A description is also possible for every element.